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"Like others of his ilk — Chris Thile, New Grass Revival, and the Punch Brothers in particular — Rabin commands attention and elevates interest through his playing and performances alone."

- Lee Zimmerman (Bluegrass Today, 2021)

“His playing is inventive, witty, nimble and very, very fast, and his vocal harmonies are lush and lovely. It’s a very invigorating album, and intermittently a wise one”

- New City Magazine (October, 2021)

""A corner bar, Americana, blue collar, instant classic, and a great introduction to the album"

- The Deli Magazine (Jan, 2020)

"His rootsy sound is a perfect blend of beautiful melodies and honest songwriting with a timeless feel."

-Ink19 Magazine (2019)

"Wondering About the Weather is unabashedly honest and warm, nothing short of a great album."

- Midwest Action (2018)

"An Americana masterpiece. A tender, beautifully realized and lyrical song cycle from Jared Rabin...he’s a remarkable multi-instrumentalist who brings a dynamic and delicate warmth to everything he touches."

- American Songwriter (2016)

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